Project Mindfulness is an event with two objectives. Firstly, it aims to break down the myths and stigma surrounding mental health. Secondly, it is a place where everyone can take a break from the relentless pace of our modern world.

Project Mindfulness is due to take place on June 1st, 2019 at the Plaza Theatre.


The purpose of Project Mindfulness is to educate Calgarians of all ages and backgrounds as to what mental health is. A mental health professional will  help attendees break down the misconceptions surrounding mental health. Attendees will be taught to recognize warning signs of common complications in both themselves and their loved ones. Mindfulness strategies, to be used in everyday life, will be introduced to participants. We are inviting a variety of independent organizations to showcase the many resources available in the Calgary area.

Free Your Mind places great value on education, but Project Mindfulness is more than just a lecture. Our event will showcase a variety of interactive activities that are accessible to all demographics. For example, we are planning to hold a yoga session and a drumming circle. Professional instructors will lead attendees in fun-filled exercises.

The specifics of our activities are to be determined.

Through Project Mindfulness, Free Your Mind aims to raise one thousand dollars for Distress Centre Calgary. Our goal is to help them continue providing their life-saving services. A silent auction is being held throughout our event, where a variety of household items are up for purchase. A donation box is being made available.

Tentative Schedule

NOON: Participants arrive; event commences.

12:15 PM: Welcome keynote. Proper recognition is given to our partners and supporters. The Free Your Mind team is officially introduced. The silent auction opens.

12:30 PM: Attendees get a chance to familiarize themselves with the premises, purchase snacks, and make donations. Independent mental health organizations showcase their resources and explain their roles in the Calgarian community. Attendees are encouraged to interact with our many supporters at their booths.

1:00 : Jenny Li, President of Free Your Mind, shares her story and her relationship with mental health.

1:15 PM: A mental health professional completes an interactive education session.

2:15 PM: Q&A period.

2:30 PM: Attendees are encouraged to enjoy refreshments and interact with our booths.

3:00 PM: Stress-reducing activities commence.

3:50 PM: Closing keynote. Results of the silent auction are released.

4:00 PM: Event concludes.